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Dear Mr. Farage,

I wish you a happy new Year and some ideas of the core of our society.
Interesting that a SYSTEM is kept alive through conditioning its participants by implementation of a reward and punishment principle – until the change is coming through the nature comes.

Such system structures, which can be seen worldwide, are based on shift of responsibility or better termed on conquest and coercion.

The aim of such actions are to keep structures alive, that are centuries old – with the aid of power, money, divide and conquer.

Because of shift of responsibility – or the violent authorization – arises the unnatural organizational structure, which we call hierarchy.

„Systems“ as we know it today, such as the FRG – which is not a “real state” – are mere care institutions for irresponsiby thinking and acting humans (people) and they are held in labor (personnel).

The main social principle states: „The man transforms by itself to a slave by shifting the responsibility and thus he creates his masters, which him say what he has to do.“

What also answered how to cancel out laws against slavery.

In essence, we have only two nuclear states :

1. Shifting responsibility, reward and punishment principle, hierarchical system structures, command and power structures that use war as a means for generating demand, controll systems, artificial control principles (all of the people concerned – created legal systems) to conserve power of established structure etc. the basis of a worldwide trade system without consciousness. This behaviour creates more and more complexity in our systems, for example the economy.

2. Being responsible is goes hand-in-hand with the development of consciousness and related non-hierarchical system structures, self regulating systems, based on the natural, holistic principles (understanding of open dynamic systems, build from interdependencies, cybernetic-, synergetic-, symbiotic-, causal- and energetic- mechanisms.)

This behaviour pattern dissolves more and more complexity in our systems, for example the economy.

Another interesting sight are the implemented patterns of thought and behaviour that keep the system participants in the system or the pressure from „outside“ (even though we are dealing with the twisted conditioning a constructivist worldview) is increased.

The System exists in head of people, what we see ouside is a mere manifestation.

Insofar it may be enough for today. 🙂

Greetings from … Germany
Alexander Berg

Sein Email-Feedback vom 14.02.2014: „Thank you, very interesting expression of thoughts which resonate with UKIP’s view of the world.“