A Letter to Nigel Farage

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Dear Minister Nigel Farage,

many of my colleagues and me found, a horrible situation here in Germany. It applies the Hague Regulations, SHAEF and SMAD. We are still occupied by the allies and the laws of our country are also under pressure from the allies had been invalidated by the parliament. Code of Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure Code, Tax Code, and many others are invalid. Judges, police, „state“ institutions know about it. The jurisdiction and execution is dominated by arbitrariness.
The FRG is only a company and not a state and was dissolved de jure on the 17th of July 1990 by deleting the content of the article 23 of the basic law (the legal geographical scope) by the U.S. Secretary of State, James Baker and Eduard Shevardnadze and our Secretary of State Hans-Dietrich Genscher. At this point the so called „German reunification“ with the GDR had never took place on the 20th of September 1990.

Moreover, we found that the nazi idea still penetrates all structures. The state structures are occupied by irresponsible acting policy which can be recognized in the § 37 of the parties law in connection with the § 54 of the Civil Code. This irresponsibility also permeates executive and and judical system structures fully.

The most incredible is that all person are domesticated by the laws of 1934. The Article 116 of our basic law nazifies every here in Germany born people by a legal trick of the consolidation laws of AH which where „extended“ in 2010 by a „new consoldation“ of our nationality law. And such nazi structures seem to stretch as far into the EU, which can be seen in the ESM as an instrument of the dictatorship. We see the EU as the Fourth Reich. And this is not our way of peace and real sovereignty the all people and nations in the world. We want be to a responsible nation in the global family of nations, creating new life and economic effective structures for and with all nations ( Last year I had some talks with india, where a man asked us, if we are able to reorganize the supply chain between 500 million pour farmers and 1.3 billion customers with our holistic modell. We didn’t do it, cause of the corruption. We would certainly have been killed.)

We have now begun to let us denazify over the Russian Embassy with a document called 146GG (see the jpg). We would like to close with the allies a peace treaty including England itself. Some of the German people are in state self-government based on the UN-resolution 56/83 cause of the missing state structures.

Kind regards from Pilgerzell
Alexander Berg