What Is the Common Good?

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“[H]umans are social beings, and the kind of creatures we become depends crucially on the social, cultural, and institutional circumstances of our lives. We are therefore led to inquire into the social arrangements that are conducive to the rights and welfare of people, to fulfilling their just aspirations—in brief, the common good.”  Noam Chomsky

This week, our featured book is What Kind of Creatures Are We?, by Noam Chomsky. For the final post of the week, we have an excerpt from the third chapter of the book: “What Is the Common Good?”…

The majority works on conditioned behavior patterns, which are characterized by focusing on external dependencies, discharge of responsibility and agreed and rewarded unreason. Thus, the supervisor and caregivers come onto the pitch. All this is called the hierarchy or the old world order.

In this case, you can forget all currently existing ideologies, habits and conventions because they all are superimposed by the hierarchy.

Its origin is found in an unwritten agreement between a mother and her child: “You’re fine as long as long as I like it.” This is what we call a condition – the system main condition.

With this agreement, people also exchange their self reflection to a projection, blaming is born and also reward and punishment. All this can be found in the kindergarten, the school and later on at work.

The legal and the monetary system are working on the same principle, but the legal system is only an artificial tool to handle system symptoms. In addition, it is only based on a rewarded principle of faith, to obtain the hierarchical structures to overlay the natural structures and its principles.

What we called “the system” is a projection of the behavior patterns of the people.


Quelle: Columbia University Press Blog