Holistic Thinking and Acting in Economic Systems

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Only with a holistic step-by-step reorientation of the economic structures, we will get a new functional and effectual base for every society.

To deal with visible problems guides us to a more complex world and accompanied with the inefficiencies and shortcommings which we hope to get rid of.   The core task of an economy is to ensure the lifelihood of a society, as we know it. Its efficiency defines the sustainability, this in a global change, where most economic subsystems – the companies – today are not adapted to market- and competition-pattern.

Only a holisitic approach can, solve the majority of forceful fought problems, cause it deals companies, economic systems and all other, of artificial man-made systems as a whole of dynamic interconnected relationship pattern and mutual dependencies.

Then it is possible to recognize the shortcomings and to resolve them, the recognized „visible“ problems disappear by itself.