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Dear Mr. Holder,

in 1871, the United States of America became a company. The dissolving FRoG (Federal Republic OF Germany) is only an NGO. But this is only a small part of what moves here in Germany in a faster abolishing system. Nice prospects.

With the interest in German, English and American history and the legal system is seen that the law only want to regulate the impact of the system of irresponsible people.

The core principle old system of the society is: Man make themselves to slaves by shifting the responsibility and create so his masters who tell him that what they have to do. Described with Esau and Jacob in the Bible.

Thelawin this caseis a superpositionof thoseprinciples thatwe recognize asdeception if we are in aholisticview.

I quote at this point Blaise Pascal in the 17th century:

„The law is questionable, the power is undeniable and unquestionable. So you could not give the power to the right, because the power was contrary to the law, claiming it was unfair and they would be the ones who had the right. And since you could not do, that what is right, to be powerful, to do that which is powerful to justice. „(Blaise Pascal, 1623-1662, fragment # 298) quote from“ The Hidden Pascal „of Theophil Spoerri, page 132)

„It is dangerous to tell the people that the laws are not fair, because it obeys them only because it believes that they are just fair. Therefore, one must tell him at the same time that one must obey him because they are laws, as one must obey superiors, not because they just people, but because they are superior. If it manages to make this evident and that herein is the very definition of justice, then one has preempted any rebellion. „(Blaise Pascal, 1623-1662, fragment # 326) quote from“ The Hidden Pascal „by Theophil Spoerri, page 133)

We are experiencing a time of global change, where a majority thought and behavior patterns show no efficacy and the war is merely the maximum impact of irresponsibility. The money system is only a mirror of an emtpy inside society.

As a German in a (still) occupy territory, I see the New Age contrary very cool. I have spoken with a foreign (real, not like the actors here in the FRoG) attorney who has also studied Philosophy and Theology and half Jew is. I told him about my talk about the true meaning of responsibility.

Responsablilty is part of the sovereignty an connected to the peace. And peace is possible via a step-by-step holistic reorganization of the economic structures.

Kind regards from Germany
Alexander Berg